Some Restaurants in Rennes

You can find a lot of restaurants in the streets colored in the map and in particular in Rue st Georges, Rue du Chapitre, Rue de st Melaine, place des lices, Rue Nantaise... The city might be busy during the week and some restaurants are small, so it might be useful to book.

Here a list proposed by the members of the organization committee:

L'amiral Traditional French food (22-35 €) Place de Bretagne, 1 rue de la Motte-Picquet
Le café Breton Traditional French Food (20-35 €) 14 rue Nantaise
L'île aux mets
Traditional French food (34 €) 4 Rue Descartes
Le bocal Traditional French food (25 €) 6 rue d'Argentré
L'atelier des gourmets Traditional French food (24-31 €) 12 rue nantaise
Le petit Sabayon
Traditional French food (24-32  €) 16 Rue Trente
La cantine délices Traditional French food (30 €) 16 rue Nantaise
Le gouts des hôtes Traditional French food (20 €) 8 rue Rallier du Baty
Monsieur est servi Traditional French food (28 €) 3 rue des Dames
Au marché des Lices
Traditional French food (25-40 €) 3 Place du bas des lices
Le Presse Purée Traditionnal French Food (15-30 €) 34, rue Vasselot
Les Carmes Traditionnal French Food (15-30 €) 2, rue des Carmes
Brasserie de la Paix Traditionnal French Food (12-32 €) 1, place de la République
Le café des Bains
Traditionnal French Food (13-16 €) 36, rue St Georges
Le Tir Bouchon Wine bar and food (15-30 €) 2 rue du chapitre
Nabuchodonosor Wine Bar and food 12 rue Hoche
Creperie St georges Creperie: Brittany traditional food (12€) 11 rue du Chapitre
La bonne pâte Creperie: Brittany traditional food (12€) 6 rue Derval
Ar Pillig Creperie: Brittany traditional food (12€) 10 rue d'Argentré
Crêperie des portes mordelaises Creperie: Brittany traditional food (12 €) 6 rue des portes mordelaises
L'abri du marché Brittany traditional food (10-25 €) 12 place des lices
La casa pepe Pizzeria (15-30 €) 29 rue St-Georges
Papamia Pizzeria (13 €) 40 rue St-georges
Falafel Lebanese (15-30 €) 16 rue de St-Malo
Le mandarin Asian food (23-40 €) 4 place de Bretagne
le Kub
Traditionnal French Food (10-24€)
20 rue du Chapitre

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