Correspondence Analysis and Related Methods - CARME 2011

CARME 2011 is the sixth in a series of conferences on multidimensional graphical techniques and the analysis of large sets of categorical data.

This conference celebrating the 50th anniversary of correspondence analysis (CA) will take place in Rennes (France) from 8-11 February 2011 at :

Agrocampus Ouest
Applied Mathematics Department
65 rue de Saint-Brieuc
CS 84215 - 35042 Rennes cedex - FRANCE

This 6th edition of CARME will be a major event for all those interested in correspondence analysis and multivariate exploratory analysis in general. Indeed, this edition will take place in Rennes, the cradle of the so-called “analyse des données”, where Jean Paul Benzécri figured out this method, where Brigitte Escofier wrote the first CA program and defended her thesis. All this took place in the early 1960s. This new CARME edition is the 50th anniversary of correspondence analysis, the 25th anniversary of canonical correspondence (CCA) and the 40th anniversary of the biplot. So, besides the latest advances on the subject as in previous editions, a special session is scheduled where the very first protagonists who played a major role in the history of correspondence analysis will give their testimonies. It is to some kind of scientific pilgrimage that Agrocampus invites you the 8-11 February 2011.

The objective of this conference is to spotlight the very latest research in correspondence analysis and related methods of data visualization, and discuss future developments. We aim to bring together theoretical and applied researchers in all the areas where correspondence analysis is currently used, notably sociology, psychology, education, ecology, archeology, geology, linguistics, philosophy, genetics, biomedical research, health economics, marketing and management, sensory studies and textual data. Interdisciplinary contributions will be particularly welcome.

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Themes of the conference include all forms of correspondence analysis and related fields, including visualisation of categorical data :

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This conference is the sixth in a series of conferences every four years on correspondence analysis, multidimensional graphical techniques and the analysis of large sets of categorical data:

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